Have you been considering eating less meat, dairy, eggs and gluten. Ever wanted to cook instinctively? Or admired that friend who always manages to pull a fabulous meal together with such ease and no fuss?

I've create over 75 recipes that will give you the basic knowledge to start cooking veggie recipes without using meat, dairy, cheese, fish or eggs. We will show you how to use smart ingredients in place of the traditional foods.

Each week we investigate different weekly themes covering all angles of plant based eating. The video chats and mini movies will help, guide and inspire you.

what's included; 

  • Wow Factor Snacks, Dips and Finishing Touch Textures

  • ​​Plant Based cooking techniques

  • Vitality Breakfasts Just got Better

  • Sweet Swaps without the sugar rush

  • Anti inflammatory drinks and nurturing tisanes

  • Family recipe that the throng will love

  • Cook Once eat again, and again

  • Divine dairy and egg free desserts

  • Raising Bakes without the eggs

  • Favourite Ferments for essential gut health

  • It's cooking using your senses, smell, taste, touch


The six week Plant Based Cookery Course can be done at your own pace in your own time. The investment is £16.76 or Free depending on what you can afford. I want to help as many of us whilst we are going through this coronavirus,  which includes forever access to members only content and the inspiration to help you on your journey to eating less meat. 

Don't worry! Meat eaters are very much welcome.  The recipes are SO DELICIOUS FOR EVERYONE.. You can certainly still enjoy your meat with these recipes. I recommend using seasonal vegetables and fruits where possible and the recipes will be easy enough for the beginner and inspiring enough for the more advanced.

As well as being meat, egg and dairy free.. they will also be gluten free! Which is quite an achievement! In the baking week I will be giving you my gluten free flours and techniques for baking without dairy and eggs!

what people say

"Food to Caroline is like the freshest air to the rest of us. She knows it unlike anyone I have ever met and I know a lot of foodies. She whips a visual and sensory delight with elegant simplicity and is passionate about showing others how to do this for themselves (so they can nourish and delight themselves and others). Her energy about plant food is infectious. Her recipes and programs like her styling are crafted with love and an instinctive flair for balance and beauty. Let her fill your life (and your stomach) with joy too.'

—  Eilish Bouchier

Copyright 2020  By Caroline Marson 

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