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Easter Picnic & Crafts

I'm thrilled to be able to share with you my retro 'famous five' plant based recipes book.

We made this little eBook because we still love the fun of The Famous Five stories - for those who don't know who they were... they were a group of very English 1950's post war children who seemed to be permanently on their holidays. Galavanting around the countryside, holiday parks and sea shores, always packing a picnic and heading off on dangerous adventures, more often than not, ending up with run in's with the local constabulary! 

Food played an important role, in their fool hardy days.. along with their faithful dog Timmy! Bread rolls, cheese and apples seemed to feature with lashings of ginger beer! We've updated it of course to be gluten and sugar free with plant based options! How times have changed!?

However the thrill of a picnic has not. How magical is it to find a secluded spot in nature, spread out a rug, sprawl onto it a basket of treats and drinks and delicious goodies to nibble on? My heaven! 

As Penny Simon's and I remember our childhood days together making up stories and adventures in our gardens. Times have not changed for us either! We still seemed to be having a much fun as grown ups with our own families, as we did as children.

Photographed by Jennifer Soo tin the Southern Highlands in New South Wales, Australia. The land and climate is very close to England. 

As a bonus Penny Simon shows us how to decorate exquisite eggs.. the pysanky way.

Join us in the Southern Highlands for one of our group huddles and Enchanted Day Events.

2018  By Caroline's Vegan Kitchen 

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