Lots of people ask me why I supplement my diet being the lover of wholefoods and organic plant based eating.

I  will tell you why.


Four years ago, I  felt sluggish, tired, and was regularly run down and constantly catching bugs.  Being a food stylist, I made food stand out  in a magazine or on TV. 


It really had not occurred to me that the excess of yummy sugary, rich treats I was making for shoots was causing harm to my health.


I had forgot the primal purpose of food, which is to nourish our human bodies. 

my foodie detox

I was introduced to the products from Isagenix, which is a nutritional cleansing 30 day programme and the change I felt was almost immediate.


Better brain clarity, energy, I could taste better! Being a foodie I  found it a brilliant way of counter balancing the richness of the food I was eating.


The cleanse got my control back over my body. I slept better, felt lighter and dropped the muffin top! It stopped me feeling I needed sugar and coffee all the time. It got me to the gym  and fired up the old body with super energy

It was my first steps into eating better and now I round off a cleanse 2 or 3 times a year to just keep me well. I have a chilled out relationship with food, and it also means nothing is on the naughty list, I cook and eat what I like with the confidence that I can do a couple of cleanse days to put me right!


To be honest I really feel it made me a better cook as I could taste and enjoy food in its natural state without all the sauces and flavourings that I used to need when my body was full of toxins and overloaded with sugar!  It also is so easy to do, which in my busy world is such a convenience.

I'm thrilled to say the products at last will be available in my home town in the UK from April and the rest of Europe next year. So family and friends can benefit from this system also.


Living in this current world requires an updated approach from how our parents and grand parents used to eat.

We now have to deal with very high levels of toxicity in the water, food and air we breathe.

EVERYONE should cleanse regularly..





2018  By Caroline's Vegan Kitchen 

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