Caroline's Kitchen Art

 'Being a cook and food stylist my realationship with food, nature and the goings on in a kitchen has been an intimate one. I have curated my favourite shots from living in Sydney, Australia and the English countryside. My  picture making is a life long love and obsession of capturing the beauty and wonder in 'the' moment.

 Whether it's behind a lens or the long way round using brushes, paint and a good old fashioned canvas, the pleasure I have in creating these images that make you feel, stop and stare, is immeasurable.'

Caroline's Kitchen Art Works is noticeable for it's story telling, colour and dynamic contrast appeal, along with texture and tone, her pictures make food fans hungry. Her photographs and paintings are available to buy as a single image, canvas, print, phone cover or even a mug! Click on the links to find out more. 


Copyright 2020  By Caroline Marson 

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