go vegan

How easy is it to go vegan?

flexible vegan

Can I give up some meat  occasionally? 

eat for health

Is eating a plant based diet healthier?

earth friendly

How can I make better choices for the planet?

Go Vegan

November 04, 2017

Easier than you think. However, I recommend you do a little research before you start. I advise everyone to listen to their own bodies and ask them never to feel shamed into feeling they can't eat fish and eggs or even have a steak if they need to. Reducing meat after spending a life time of eating meat can takes time. So I ask everyone is be gentle on themselves. I don't believe in restrictive diets anyway, body shaming or making people feel guilty about being a carnivore.

Flexible Vegan

November 04, 2017

On a plant-based or vegan diet, I am a great believer in Your Body, Your Rules. If you feel you can manage 2-3 days a week as a vegan. Then that's a great way to get going.  I encourage people to cut back on their meat and dairy consumption Because the industry is not kind to animals and the amount of meat we eat is damaging our bodies and the planet 

Eat For Health

November 04, 2017

Cutting back on meat is very healthy. Many of today's diseases have direct link back to eating animal meats. I believe in eating a wide variety of seasonal plant based foods, avoiding highly processed foods with additives and preservatives. And I always recommend making your buck count by buying sustainable organic ingredients that are locally produced and are kind to the planet and it's animals. Be a discerning shopper! Many of my recipes are gluten free, also I don't use processed sugar, and choose sugar free alternatives.

Earth Friendly

November 04, 2017

Because the industry is not kind to animals and the amount of meat we eat is damaging our bodies and the environment there is a very good case to reduce the amount of meat, fish, eggs you consume. Meat production is the biggest cause of global warming.  So by reducing your meat consumption you will making a huge contribution to the health of the planet. You can also make your own skin care products from your kitchen pantry. When shopping choose locally produced food over organic food that has been grown hundred of miles away. Cook from scratch more and try not to buy food in plastic packaging. Recycle your food in a compost or worm farm. Choose an orange over an orange drink in a plastic bottle. 

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